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Saaya Packers and Movers are the famous packers and movers in India. We provide relocation services for your lab equipment and other industries. We have an expert team who provide transportation for all the materials sent to the destination.

Our services include all types of relocation services. We also provide insurance for goods transported from one place to another because we know your lab equipment’s importance to you. We have professionals available 24 hours a day and can be contacted anytime. We provide the best quality packing, transport, and good shifting services.

It is easier to set up new lab equipment on an existing bench versus replacing old equipment and installing a new one. In general, lab equipment relocation services are beneficial at the start of a project when you only have

a rough idea about the layout of your lab. As soon as you know where the equipment is to be placed, you can order an equipment relocation service, allowing you to avoid any delays in the project.

Saaya Packers and Movers is one of the apex packers and movers, providing excellent lab equipment relocation all over. Our expert professionals always take care of your belongings like your own children. We have maintained our good reputation with our services and we have earned immense popularity in the local market.

We have a spacious van that is capable of carrying your items and delivering on time. We have a language team that has experienced professionals who can communicate with you.

Saaya packers and movers have a team of trained professionals who can pack all your lab equipment safely. Our services are cheap and affordable. You can get in touch with us via email, phone, or Whatsapp. Our team of experts provides services across all the major cities of India.

All your items are packed with special care and moved to the destination place without any damage. The packing and moving process are done under the supervision of senior professionals. We have special packing items to pack your bulky furniture.
We offer complete insurance coverage for your items.

It is a fact that relocation of lab equipment can be a mere a responsibility, but it needs utter care to ensure it is done smoothly. Therefore it is always better to entrust this task to an experienced and professional lab equipment relocation services provider.

Saaya Packers and Movers is a well-known professional lab equipment relocation services provider, who has been in this field for several years. The services provided by us are timely, economical, and safe. The experienced and trained staff are specialized in performing all types of relocation services of lab equipment.

Why is it necessary to pack lab equipment in a secure manner?

● To ensure that the lab equipment is not destroyed during transit due to temperature and weather variations.

● To ensure that the lab equipment is not destroyed if it falls or is dropped by mistake.

● To prevent the lab equipment from being damaged or lost during shipment.

● To avoid the lab equipment from being stolen or misplaced while in transit.

● To ensure that lab equipment is not misappropriated or misused while in transportation.

● Scientists take a lot of care when it comes to handling lab equipment and chemicals.

Why should you go for professional lab equipment packers and movers?

Since the transportation of laboratory equipment is often complex and handled by professionals, lab equipment packers and movers provide a necessary service. Some points associated with professional lab equipment transport are worth considering.

● First, lab equipment is delicate and requires special handling to avoid damage during transit. Moving company employees need to be trained to handle lab equipment properly.

● Second, lab equipment must be properly wrapped to prevent damage. Lab equipment moving companies will have the necessary materials for this process.

● Finally, the lab equipment needs to be insured during the process. Moving companies that handle lab equipment will have the insurance coverage required by law to move certain pieces of equipment.

● When moving your lab equipment, it is essential to take proper care and ensure that nothing gets damaged during the move. So, when you are shifting your lab equipment, make sure that you take help from professional lab equipment packers and movers.

● Choose the right lab equipment moving company carefully. Spend some time to find the right one who listens to you and your requirements.


Why lab equipment relocation services?

Successful laboratories have a key role to play in every scientific research. Various research procedures must be carried out in laboratories only. For this reason, it’s very important for laboratories to have all the necessary equipment. And it is not possible to make all the equipment functional at the same time.

So, laboratories have to make arrangements to shift the equipment from one place to another as per requirement. There are a lot of reasons behind the shifting equipment that vary from simple to complex. For e.g. when the equipment is being replaced, it is important to move it to a place where it can work properly.

It is always a good practice to keep the equipment in a maintained place. Shifting equipment is a difficult task and can be very hectic at times. So, we ensure that all the equipment is handled carefully and all our services are performed according to the client’s requirements.

We offer a wide range of laboratory equipment relocation services like process equipment relocation, research equipment relocation and etc.

Relocating a lab can be a difficult and stressful process. However, we at Saaya Packers and Movers make it as easy as possible and affordable if you give us a call. We have people on standby to help you out with the transportation and storage of heavy machinery and other research equipment.

We even provide fast delivery service to your doorstep to make sure nothing gets damaged during transportation, so there’s nothing else you have to worry about! Just give us a call today and we can get started on your move!

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