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The overwhelming need to use good packing materials- Let's hear why from Saaya packers and movers in Junagadh

It is everyone’s dream to shift to their new location without having even a single item lost or damaged. So, it goes without saying that for it to happen, they should be packed well using sturdy packing materials. Any short cuts you wish to take will make all your planning fall apart. As nothing is more important than the safety of your belongings, it is wise to choose materials that are of good quality while packing. Saaya packers and movers in Junagadh will show you some important reasons why it is an absolute necessity to pack your valuables in a safe and secure way:

Prevents your Delicate Goods from Getting Broken-

  • The most important reason why packers and movers use top-rated packing materials is to maintain the items in the same condition throughout the move.
  • Any negligence while packing will lead to breakage of the goods even before your journey starts.
  • If you entrust your move to professional packers and movers, they will carefully pack all your possessions using packing supplies like bubble wraps, packing sheets, cardboard boxes and wooden crates.
  • A well packed home is almost half the move achieved. It prevents you from getting frustrated if all your belongings are packed securely in front of your eyes before the impending shift.

It Protects Your Furniture-

  • Many people think that furniture can be shifted as it is, it needs to be packed.
  • This is where you are mistaken. Furniture like sofas should ideally be covered before relocation to prevent it from getting scratched and its upholstery torn.
  • Bulky furniture like beds should be dismantled and packed in their smallest unit possible so that they can be loaded and transported easily.
  • Packing furniture does not allow dust to collect on it till you are ready to shift and unpack them.

Necessary For Electrical Appliances-

  • Electronic home appliances like televisions, air-conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves and washing machines should be well-secured in tough packing boxes for them to arrive intact in your destination.
  • Office equipment like computers, scanners, printers and others need to be packed with high tensile materials to safeguard them from jolting during transfer.

It Does not Damage the Floor of  your Building-

  • Moving your possessions through the floors of your building, whether new or old, is certain to cause scratches and ugly markings on them.
  • Packing them in multiple layers will safeguard them when used along with plastic for floor protection.
  • Carpets and wooden flooring will also be safe from damage when you drag your packed goods across them.

Makes Unpacking Easy-

  • Not only packing and shifting, but unpacking is also a cumbersome activity.
  • The faster you unpack, the sooner you can settle-down after moving. Well packed goods make unpacking a breeze.
  • When proper packing is coupled with labeled boxes, it is indeed a treat for the sore eyes.
  • You can simply place the items according to the category and finish unpacking.

What packing materials do Saaya packers and movers in Junagadh use? Let us decode the secret!

Packing Boxes:

  • Saaya packers and movers use packing boxes of all sizes depending on the dimensions of your goods.
  • We also reuse old cardboard boxes provided they are still sturdy.
  • We prefer corrugated boxes as they have thicker walls for packing our customer’s possessions.
  • These types of boxes can hold both lightweight and heavy items.
  • These are also ideal for packing mirrors and glassware.

Packing Paper:

  • Saaya packers and movers use packing paper extensively for their work.
  • We always use these as the first of many packing layers.
  • We select ink-free packing paper so that the items do not get stained.
  • Paper paper, when crumpled, acts as a space filler and can be used in cardboard boxes.
  • We can also wrap fragile items in them, followed by other softer packing materials.

Packing Tape:

  • Our team uses packing tape after finishing packing with other materials for sealing purposes.
  • Heavy duty packing tape is the most preferred type by Saaya packers and movers.
  • We always keep extra rolls of packing tape for emergencies.

Color-coded Labels and Permanent Markers:

  • To prevent mix up between packed items and chaos while unpacking, Saaya packers and movers have come up with unique color-coded labels. Permanent markers also ensure that we have the name of the item on every box we pack.
  • Saaya packers and movers in Junagadh take its packing duties very seriously as it is the mainstay of their shifting. Using top-notch packing materials is the key to a successful transition and making our clients happy.